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Packed materials at PT. Bromo Tirta Lestari has been self-produced. Where the raw material in the form of plastic seeds from the supliyer is processed to form packaging material. All the results of packaging materials can be forwarded to the bottled water process, including:

1. Cup: raw materials are plastic seeds which are previously heated to be formed into sheets with an OMV machine. The results of the sheet are formed into glass.

2. Bottle: The raw material from the supplier is in the form of prifrom which will be formed into a bottle according to the desired size which previously was processed through the blowroom.

3. Gallons: raw materials are seeds of plastic containing polycarbonate which were previously heated to form into gallons.

4. Straw: The raw material is plastic seeds that contain safe ingredients formed into a long hose the next is cut into pieces according to the size of Straw.
From the results of the packaging material, it can be forwarded to the process of Maximum Packaged Water. The materials used and the manufacturing process are in accordance with BPOM standards.

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