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PT Bromo Tirta Lestari produces apple and orange flavored drinks which are very popular among various groups. This juice is very suitable for Indonesian tongues because it's like drinking real fruit juice. Besides this drink contains vitamin C which is good for the body, vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen which functions to accelerate the process of healing wounds, maintain youthfulness of the skin and brighten it.

We also produce Jasmine Tea drinks, where in its composition we use natural ingredients such as 100% Tea Leaves and 100% Genuine Sugar formulated with advanced technology and carefully processed to produce good Jasmine Tea and will be comfortable in the throat.

Contact Details

Jl. Raya Banjarsari Km.7
Probolinggo 67251

Phone : +62 335 428 384 , Fax : +62 335 428 260

Email: info@bromocompany.com
Website: www.bromocompany.com