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Founded in 1997, PT Bromo Tirta Lestari started their product of bottled mineral water from Mount Bromo water. Then now PT Bromo keep growing to provide not only provide Indonesia’s market demand but also be the one of the largest mineral water exporter in Indonesia.
Constantly spreading overtaking the local marketshare, Bromo T.L. Co was able to pass the international quality test standard  and exporting their product into a new whole level. By making various brands that being distributed on International market in many countries, currently Bromo T.L. Co was the largest mineral water exporter in Indonesia. With almost two decades of experience and ISO:9001 award, Bromo T.L. Co was able to not only produce mineral water, but also any kinds of beverage and packaging in a creative ways. Our research and development team always analyzes every single detail of producing new products that are useful and acceptable by market demands, both on domestic or international.
Bromo T.L. Co was built in 1997 by several great minds, with strong dedication and commitment under his control this company was succeed to grow and improve both their production and distributions.  This dedication in creating an outstanding beverage through detailed craftsmanship, quailty ingredients, newest technology make Bromo T.L. Co became famous on its quality product.

Contact Details

Jl. Raya Banjarsari Km.7
Probolinggo 67251

Phone : +62 335 428 384 , Fax : +62 335 428 260

Email: info@bromocompany.com
Website: www.bromocompany.com